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Amber Nicole creates 3D visual art that shares an artistic representation of the beauty in black women and natural black hair. She does this by transforming photographs of black women into elegant yet edgy wall vinyl silhouettes, then incorporates unconventional materials such as vinyl records and floral arrangements to emphasize the beauty of their hair.

She tells a story with every canvas crafted. Her goal is to show the world that black hair is just as cool, vintage, and powerful as black music pressed on vinyl records. Amber Nicole also shows the delicate and graceful nature of black hair using floral arrangements and other textured elements. She uses her passion for music and her journey with natural hair to remind the world that black hair makes a statement and speaks volumes.

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My Hair Speaks Volumes

My art represents the power, creativity and nostalgia in black women, black music, and art. Supporting my art means supporting the community that raised me. It also means helping me support other young black women find acceptance, love, and appreciation in the skin they are in.

3D Mixed Media Vinyl Canvas Art

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"Art speaks where words are unable to explain"

- Threadless Artist Mathiole

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