Fade (Original)


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36 x 48 inch Gallery Canvas | Acrylic/Glossy Vinyl | Preserved Moss 

Fade represents “Transition to Transformation. The most common haircut for black men with low to medium hair is a fade. It adds depth to the cut no matter the length. A tedious technique for a barber to master but once done and executed, a masterpiece. The transition to transformation derives from the growing pains life puts us through as black men. There is a never ending cycle of obstacles for us to overcome to reach success. We must constantly refine ourselves, acquire knowledge and remain disciplined to create the life we desire. In doing so our “transition” puts us through life’s challenges until we “transform” to meet the challenge and emerge successful. Once our new growth comes in, the process of the “fade” begins again. Transitioning to a new transformation.” - D. Howell

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