Meet Amber Nicole

Amber Nicole is a visual mixed media artist that utilizes unconventional materials such as vinyl records, floral arrangements, and atypical embellishments to recreate an artistic representation of Black women and black hair.



Amber Nicole grew up in College Park, Georgia and still resides in the Atlanta metropolitan area, which has heavily influenced her artwork. Her artistic perspective emphasizes the relationship between Black women and their experience caring for their natural hair. Since 2013, Amber Nicole has been rocking her natural hair unapologetically and uses her art as a gateway to encourage other women to embrace their hair too. As a child, she suffered from low self-esteem and negative self-perception issues that stemmed from being teased about her hair. Today, Amber Nicole encourages young Black women to find love and appreciation in their curls by putting a spin on how she would like society to view black hair. She does this by incorporating sensory materials that also speak to her passions and interests.

Growing up in Atlanta, Amber Nicole was no stranger to the impact of music. She spent her weekends riding through the city with her father listening to classic artists that would forever change her life such as Prince, OutKast, Ray Charles, Maze, Chaka Khan, and so many more talented musicians. Her passion for music fuels the themes behind her concept, which highlight the juxtaposition between music and hair. She specifically uses vinyl records because of her attraction to the etching & pressing process.


In 2016, Amber Nicole graduated from Georgia State University, receiving a B.A in psychology, and began her career in Human Resources. Although she did not pursue her art ambition during her undergraduate years, she still remained fixated on her artistic aspirations from her younger years. In 2021, she established her studio and transitioned from her corporate career to her running her creative art business, full-time.

Amber Nicole has been featured in magazines such as the Atlanta Tribune (2022), Voyage ATL (2022), Northside Neighbor (2022), and WABE 90.1FM NPR: Speaking of the arts - City Lights (2022) . She recently debuted her My Hair Speaks Volumes Solo Exhibition (2022) and has participated in local art shows such as Pancakes & Booze Art Show (2021-22), Black Art Expo (2022), For the Love of Hip Hop Art Show (2022), The South Got Something to Say: Virtual Exhibition (2022), and the Decatur Arts Festival (2022) - to name a few.

Currently, she focuses on building her studio’s brand to help spread her hair-love message across the country. In her spare time, she helps local entrepreneurs further their businesses by providing human resource consultations and assistance. Although her main focus has transitioned from boardrooms to art rooms, she still takes pride in helping others find equality in the workplace.