Let's face it... things happen

Let's face it... things happen

As an art collector, you take pride in the artwork that you’ve collected over the years. You’ve taken great care of your piece but unfortunately…. Some damage has been done.

Many people underestimate the impacts of shifting art around whether through moving to a new home, hanging your art in a different room, or even through accidental bumps during a gathering where your art is displayed. In these cases, light damage to your 3D art might occur. So what do you do?

You take advantage of your Collector perks of course.


What’s considered repairable?

Light damage to your art can be considered repairable if it falls into one of these areas:

  • Minor fractures to vinyl records
  • Dangling or drooping flowers
  • Slight tears to the canvas background (not including the vinyl face silhouette)

Unfortunately, not every instance of damage is repairable. But if it falls into one of the categories above or is determined repairable after an assessment, then don’t fret. Help is on the way!


How do I request a repair?

Contact amnic.studio@gmail.com immediately with a description of the damage along with images or video of the canvas.


What happens after the request?

Once you’ve emailed your request for repair, Amber Nicole will assess the damage and respond with an adequate repair solution. This can include:

  • Re-ship, Repair: You can re-ship your artwork back to Amber Nicole, where she can repair your canvas and then re-ship back to you. *shipping coverage depends on canvas size*
  • Repair Kit (only available for 3D Vinyl Record Art): If your canvas has light damage to the vinyl records used, you can request a repair kit which will include replacement records and instructions for re-adhering.
  • Replace (only for special circumstances): If your canvas is determined to be un-repairable, replacement may be an option. In this case, you can ship your canvas back to Amber Nicole, and she can replace your piece with a similar match. *not every piece will qualify for this solution; additional charges will apply*


Things happen, so don’t fret, contact amnic.studio@gmail.com for more information on how to repair your canvas.