How to Care for Your 3D Art

How to Care for Your 3D Art

I want you to enjoy your 3D artwork for years to come, so knowing how to store your art in the right way is crucial to keeping your piece as shiny and eye-catching as when you first brought that beauty home!

Hanging art for display over an extended period can have detrimental effects on the life of your artwork. So how exactly do you care for your piece?

Let’s dig in:


The DO’s -

Here are a few simple ways to keep your art in top condition:

  • DO dust regularly: Your 3D art by Amber Nicole includes a micro-cloth that can be used for routine dusting. Be sure to delicately wipe the surface of your canvas and vinyl records (if applicable) every 5-6 months to keep dust and debris from dimming the shine of your piece.
  • DO hang your art in temperature controlled environments: Moisture can cause damage and drastically shorten the life of your art. So, be sure to choose walls and display areas that are protected against moisture and other conditions that could lead to damp and ruined art.
  • DO look out for air bubbles. Air bubbles are normal since your artwork is made of glossy vinyl and they will appear from time to time. If you see a bubble, you can smooth this out delicately with your finger or a small plastic card.


The DONT’s -

There are a couple of things you should NOT DO to your 3D art:

  • DON’T hang in direct sunlight: Strong sun rays can cause deterioration and discoloration to your artwork. Even though my pieces are pretty resilient, it’s still not worth the gamble.
  • DON’T use chemicals on your art: Say no to bleach, alcohol or any other harsh chemical when looking to clean your canvas. If you notice a mark or spot on your canvas, gently use a damp cloth for cleaning.
  • DON’T touch! Solange said it best, don’t touch my hair! Sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to constantly touch and feel your 3D canvas, but remember that hands can cause fingerprints or worse, accidentally scratching something off with your fingernails.


So that's it!

Keeping your one-of-a-kind 3D art by Amber Nicole is completely do-able. Congratulations on becoming a pro at preserving your collectable piece for years to come.

Much love,
Amber Nicole